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If you are an e-commerce practitioner: you open a store in Amazon EBaY shope to sell goods, PARZ industry can become your supplier and provide professional e-commerce supply services..

Provide the most popular products, deliver the goods to the designated warehouse, and rapidly manufacture and deliver the best quality goods:


  • Perfect factory production management mechanism

    We have more than 8000 square meters of standard plant, more than 150 manufacturing workers, more than 20 years of professional factory manufacturing management experience, 5 mature production lines, more than 15 professional quality inspection teams, 10 professional senior software and hardware engineers, and the company's perfect organizational structure and production management structure can ensure that your order can be delivered with quality and quantity guaranteed as soon as possible..

    • Provide the most popular products

      1. You can provide popular samples, which we design and produce according to the product;
      2. We provide best-selling products on e-commerce platform for your choice;
      3. Quality assurance;

      • Goods shipped on behalf

        Provide professional logistics services: land transportation, air transportation, express delivery, sea transportation, etc. The most affordable price for the best route

        • After sales worry free

          Provide one-year product warranty service;