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If you are a factory of police equipment, you need to find a factory to help you do co processing. Parz industry is your best choice.

You can choose various cooperation methods: OEM, ODM, joint-stock factories, etc:


  • Perfect factory production management mechanism

    We have more than 8000 square meters of standard plant, more than 150 manufacturing workers, more than 20 years of professional factory manufacturing management experience, 5 mature production lines, more than 15 professional quality inspection teams, 10 professional senior software and hardware engineers, and the company's perfect organizational structure and production management structure can ensure that your order can be delivered with quality and quantity guaranteed as soon as possible..

    • Facilities of the factory

      1. The production, inspection, packaging, warehouse and other areas of the factory are all equipped with high-power LED lights; The loading area of the shipment is also equipped with a 50 square canopy;
      2. The production area of the factory adheres to the "5S" system: timely sorting, timely rectification, timely cleaning, timely cleaning, and on-site management with adequate training;
      3. The inspection area of the workshop is divided into qualified product area and unqualified product area, and professional quality inspection engineers make quality inspection records;
      4. Equipped with various testing equipment and instruments: such as luminous flux tester

      • Machine calibration and maintenance

        1. Keep the machine clean and in good operating condition;
        2. Each machine has engineer maintenance and repair records;
        3. Important tools are placed on special shelves

        • Incoming material control

          1. Use the warehouse management software in the ERP system to control and record the incoming and outgoing of materials;
          2. According to the order, the procurement plan is listed in the ERP system to standardize the material procurement;
          3. The warehouse is equipped with qualified product area and unqualified product area to isolate unqualified materials;
          4. Different materials are classified and placed in different warehouses and areas;

          • Production control

            1. The factory pre production meeting requires the quality supervisor and workshop supervisor to hold a pre production meeting together to review and improve important quality problems and safety audits;
            2. QC personnel shall keep detailed records of the comparison between the first article sample and the standard confirmation sample of large goods;
            3. 100% quality testing of all products and keeping records;
            4. There is a special packaging area of more than 300 square meters and a special inspection waiting area of more than 400 square meters;
            5. Operation instructions are posted in the production, inspection and packaging areas;
            6. The company's sales department will track and record the shipment to ensure on-time delivery;