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Do You Have Any Questions?

Our on-line FAQ contains answers to some of the most common support questions. It has information about all PARZ products and was developed to help customers resolve product issues.

01. How can I obtain a catalog of your products?

With our website we are providing all our active products within the "Online Product" portion of our website or send us email to get e-catalogue or brochure.

04. How does polarity affect an LED?

Most Power-Line LED lamps are designed with an integrated bi-polar bridge. Thereby, the LED will illuminate regardless of polarity or socket wiring. Normally, LEDs are polarity sensitive, i.e., they will not illuminate when plugged in the wrong polarity. While this doesn't harm the LED, it may cause the installer to believe the LED lamp is defective when it doesn't illuminate.

02. What is PARZ Lighting's Warranty policy?

PARZ Lighting has a three year warranty on their products.

05.Can I use a white LED behind any colored lens?

Yes, but the effect may be undesirable. White LEDs will not produce a true lens color as well as a colored LED. However, many users prefer to purchase a single LED lamp for all of their applications. It is best to try both and decide which you prefer..

03. Are the products on the site available in China?

Products available outside of China may differ in pricing, size, specification and availability.

06. Is parz a trading company or a manufacturing plant?

Parz is an industrial and trading company with its own production plant.

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